Another release day: ggRandomForests V1.1.3

Continuing progress with the vignettes mean bug fixes in the code. Plus I’m presenting the regression random forest vignette to the stats group here tomorrow.

I’ve got another blog post percolating that will detail the biggest change in this version (improved code testing), so here’s the change summary.

  • Update “ggRandomForests: Visually Exploring a Random Forest for Regression” vignette.
  • Further development of draft package vignette “Survival with Random Forests”.
  • Rename vignettes to align with randomForestSRC package usage.
  • Add more tests and example functions.
  • Refactor gg_ functions into S3 methods to allow future implementation for other random forest packages.
  • Improved help files.
  • Updated DESCRIPTION file to remove redundant parts.
  • Misc Bug Fixes.

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome at the ggRandomForests package GitHub development site:


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